Paula F..

Two thumbs up for Carlos Payte and his Novato Adventure Boot Camp.

After trying another local Boot Camp for one month, I decided to try Carlos’ Novato Adventure Boot Camp. With many previous injuries as a retired firefighter, I was concerned about further injury. Not only was Carlos knowledgeable about safe body placement and modifications for each exercise, but he is also a top motivator for every workout. In the full year I have been attending Carlos’ Novato Adventure Boot Camp, there has not been one repeat workout … and, I attend five days each week. Carlos has a keen eye on how to encourage each of us to push our own limits for a full body, total workout. I highly recommend Carlos for anyone, at any fitness level, who is interested in being their best self. I am hooked. — Paula F.
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Jamie C.

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’I came across Novato Adventure Boot camp and was intrigued by the structure of the program and the fact that it was outdoors. “This sounds fun – and different!” I decided to give it a try.

As a working mother of two young children, life is chaotic. Exercise was not a priority and it was really starting to show. I essentially gave up and began to try to accept my new body and weight. Ugh. “I’m a busy working mom – I do not have time to exercise”, I told myself. I hated, however, looking in the mirror and really disliked getting dressed in the morning. I came across Novato Adventure Boot camp and was intrigued by the structure of the program and the fact that it was outdoors. “This sounds fun – and different!” I decided to give it a try. On my very first session, Carlos was very welcoming. He asked me what my fitness goals were. I gave him a sarcastic giggle and thought to myself, “I’ve been down this road before with other programs but really did not see the results I wanted”. “I want to lose 25 pounds”, I told him, not believing that this was possible. He told me it would take work and commitment but that he knew I could do it. Well, I shocked myself, because, after only 6 months, I did not lose 25 pounds – I lost 30 pounds and 3 jean sizes!! I have continued to easily keep the weight off. I feel great, and I think I look pretty darn good too. Carlos and Novato Adventure Boot camp have made such an incredible difference in my overall quality of life. I am happier, stronger, less stressed, toned, fit and healthier. Boot camp is NEVER boring, nor is it scary or too tough for anyone. Carlos is very in tune with and dedicated to his clients. He knows when to push you to meet your fullest potential, when to support and encourage, and when to modify. He is able to design fun, meaningful workouts to meet all fitness levels. I am so thankful to have found you, Carlos!! — Jamie C.

Myra M.

I am more physical and active at age 58 then when I was 18 years old.

All thanks to Carlos and his Novato Adventure Boot Camp. As a health professional, I am very aware of the importance of exercise. As a teenager I was never motivated to participate in any sports and disliked phys ed classes. Over the years I attempted participating in running, joining health clubs and purchasing workout equipment for the home. The pattern seemingly would be an on again off again workout commitment. In my later 40’s , I joined an all women indoor thirty (30) minute workout with limited amount of machines and soon plateaued with that system. Then I met Carlos. And now, almost three (3) years later, I am absolutely hooked on Novato Adventure Boot Camp. Carlos is an awesome trainer and motivator. At 5:30 am he is upbeat and witty as well as focused on us, as a group and individually, and keep in mind our group has almost a fifty (50) year age difference from the youngest to the oldest participants. Carlos has a great sense of humor and at the same time displays his expertise and knowledge for each and every one of us. I swear, Carlos has eyes in the back of his head, he sees all and makes corrections in form or motivates you just to take it up a notch, knowing your individual ability/level. In almost three years of boot camp, Carlos has never done the same routine. Each day is different. In fact, as we are going through our warm-ups, I wonder, sometimes with trepidation, what is Carlos going to do to us today!! The answer…….it is always good and always different. I highly recommend Carlos Payte and Novato Adventure Boot Camp. — Marya M.
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Gail B.

The top ten reasons I go to your Novato Adventure Boot Camp can be summarized in two words – FORM and CURVES – defined below:

Fun – Working out at Novato Adventure Boot Camp is never dull. Carlos plays a variety of great music (and sometimes even sings along) and creates an energetic, welcoming environment. In addition to making us sweat, he also brings about smiles and laughter (but not too much… as Carlos says, “If you’re talking and laughing that much, you’re not working hard enough.”)

Opportunity – Boot Camp opens the door to other healthy living/fitness opportunities such as information about cleanse/dietary products or races such as the Firecracker run. My favorite opportunity was the 8-week body transformation challenge he offered.

Results – since Carlos measures and weighs his campers periodically, we can actually see quantifiable results. Plus, there is nothing like the fit of a pair of jeans to tell you if you’re getting results!

Motivation – Carlos provides the “push” that I need; he pays attention to whether or not campers are doing the moves correctly and putting in their all; there’s no “hiding” from Carlos at the camps – he’ll find you (yes, even in the back row) and get you going again in an encouraging and upbeat way.

Charisma – I’ve been in fitness classes where the instructors are very knowledgeable and skilled, and where there is good music, equipment, and workout routines; but there is something to be said about an instructor who has a natural presence – Carlos definitely has a following.

Unending reps– when left to my own devices, I usually do a slightly uncomfortable number of exercise repetitions. In Carlos’ class, just when I think he couldn’t possibly expect any more, there is usually another 25 more reps on the table.

Resistance exercise – in Boot Camp we use a variety of objects/formats to achieve resistance exercise, which is good because ALWAYS using weights can be monotonous. Whether the resistance is achieved by using dumbbells, giant (and heavy) ropes, or our own body weight (endless squats come to mind), our muscles are contracting and working hard!

Variety – I’ve been consistently participating in Novato Adventure Boot Camp for two years and I never feel like I’ve gotten the same workout twice. There is enough consistency to become familiar with the wide range of exercises, but there is ALWAYS some different twist from one workout class to the next. This is vital for me because if I know what’s coming up, I might not want to participate. I like the element of surprise – psychologically it works for me.

Endurance – endurance can be described as the power to withstand hardship or stress. Getting up early in the morning and being out in the cold was definitely stressful for me – and I tried to avoid such environments as much as possible. I didn’t get up early in the morning for ANYTHING, that is until I tried the 5:30 a.m. boot camp. Now that timeslot is my favorite class. Getting up for the 5:30 a.m. class sets a positive course for the rest of my day – and bonus… I’m not as much a wimp in inclement weather now!

Support – Carlos and his campers really know how to welcome and encourage newcomers. Carlos introduces each new camper and everyone offers smiles and hearty hellos. At the beginning of each boot camp class, Carlos greets every camper with a high-five and a cheery hello. I’ve had campers text to encourage me to attend a class, cheer me on during sprints, offer to carpool to class, and so on. There is such a support system that even during our off-weeks we still get together to work out.

“Accessibility” didn’t happen to fit into my acronym above, but it is another reason I like Novato Adventure Boot Camp. The times, locations, and ease of access to boot camps makes it pretty hard to come up with reasons not to go to class. Even if you’re out of town, Carlos has provided us with step-by-step exercise routines, including pictures of each movement. I think there’s something for everyone at Novato Adventure Boot Camp. Check it out!

— Gail B.

Nancy C.

What personal trainer would take on a 70 year old? I am now 71 and have been in Carlos’ 5:30 am Boot Camp class for a year. I am in great shape, have lost 22 lbs and am strong and full of energy.

Everyone in my family has noticed the change, as have my colleagues at work, as well as myself. I can truthfully say that this is the best program I have ever been in. In the past I have tried out two different health clubs, had a personal trainer and took Pilates and Spinning classes, but it has been Carlos and his Novato Adventure Boot camp that have empowered me to actually achieve my goals. I go to the 5:30 am class because it works best with my schedule and energizes me for the day. The daily workout, which is outside in the open air, always focuses on cardio, weight training, balancing and stretching. Every day is different but always gives a total body workout. How Carlos knows each one of us, our needs and limitations is amazing to me, as are his encouraging words of support (always laced with humor), as he pushes each of us to achieve our personal best. The women in the class have also been amazing in their support and encouragement, but it has been Carlos who has truly been the catalyst for my change. I strongly encourage women of all ages to try this program. If you stick with it, you will truly see results. I am a living example of that!

— Nancy C.

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