4 Weeks of Fitness Fun

All classes have a family-like environment with longtime clients, newbies and everyone in-between in attendance and ready to work out. Each phase of the daily workout was designed to help guide you towards enhanced fitness and achieving your personal goals. You will find that the classes are motivational, challenging, fun and most of all, flexible enough to accommodate anyone at any level of fitness or ability. As you progress through the four-week session, each day will increase slightly in intensity gradually building your strength, flexibility and fitness level. Each day will consist of four phases including new and creative workouts with names like, Oxygen is a Commodity, The Dirty Thirty, Hell Hill, Seeing Double, The “S” Factor. Within these workouts you will preform boot-camp-style exercises like Sea Turtles, Renegade Rows, Frog Jumps, Chariots, Lumberjacks, Hurdle Burpees and Windmills. Be assured that no one will ever be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Nor will anybody go home unchallenged!  Women and men (yes, we do offer some co-ed sessions) of all abilities are encouraged and welcome to participate.– Join us on the journey to enhanced fitness and we promise you will not only be inspired by the tenacity and can-do attitude of your fellow boot campers but you will most certainly inspire others in return!

The Four Phases of Every Class:

1. General Warm-up 7 minutes.

2. Dynamic Warm-up 7 – 10 minutes.

3. The Workout of the Day is geared towards different body parts each day. Depending on the session time you decide to come to will determine what body parts you are working. Each body part will be worked to its capacity two times per week.

4. Final Stretch 10 minutes. These four phases are integral for optimal fitness and injury prevention.

How to Best Prepare Before Class:

Get a Good Night’s Sleep of 7-8 hours is ideal for most to burn fat and sustain optimal fitness. Your body needs rest and rejuvenate to build new muscle – and remember muscle is the key to the fat burning process.. Most sports and health researchers agree that the best training program, diet and even supplements can not compensate for insufficient rest. During sleep, protein synthesis occurs in the body and growth hormone is produced. Obviously, adequate amounts of protein must be consumed prior to sleep. However, these are only two beneficial aspects of sleep. Energy consumption reduction and brain cell restoration are two other aspects equally important for those of us whom are participating in a weight loss, training or fitness program.

Eat a Small Meal: Preferably 1-2 hours before class but 30 minutes will suffice. Choose a meal that has some complex carbs, some fat and of course, some protein. If you don’t eat, you may feel sluggish, lightheaded or even experience nausea during class. Some good options include:

Whole-wheat sprouted toast, or whole-wheat English muffin with almond or peanut butter: Alvarado Street Bakery makes some fantastic healthy breads including “California Style Complete Protein Bread” and “Sprouted Wheat Multi-Grain Bread”. Thomas’s also makes a great 100-calorie “Light Multi-Grain English Muffin”. Both of these options can be found at various local stores and Safeway. For an amazing selection of nut butters try Trader Joe’s. They carry great inexpensive organic options for both peanut and almond butter as well as some other nut varieties.

• Protein shake with added carbs: Get the benefits protein while adding carbs to stay energized. When creating your concoction shoot for a for a 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio with 10 to 20 grams of protein. Shakes based of juice or water are best pre workout (milk can cause mucous). Add oats and a banana or other fruit to provide those extra carbs you’ll need for a stellar workout. We also like the meal replacement shakes by Isagenix.

• Oatmeal: It’s a great choice for those morning workouts, when you’re body is most likely running on empty but you don’t have time in your schedule to eat a meal 1 to 2 hours before exercise. It’s easy on an empty stomach and provides long-lasting energy. Add some fruit that will hit the bloodstream quickly to get you going fast.

Wear Comfortable Fitness Apparel of your choice. Most importantly you need to be comfortable and able to move about freely and unencumbered. Dressing in layers is also a smart choice. The ability to remove layers can keep you cool and comfortable as the workout intensifies and alternatively add layers back as you cool down into the final stretching portion of the workout. Some good clothing options for your bottom half are running tights or yoga pants, full length or capris both work nicely. Some campers also find running skirts or shorts to be a good choice especially if the weather is warm. For your upper half, tank tops (yoga or otherwise), T-shirts, sweatshirts and a good supportive sports bra are all good choices. We also recommend choosing workout attire created with the new Innovative moisture wicking fabrics. These fabrics pull moisture away from the body to quickly evaporate it, leaving you and your garments dry and comfortable throughout your workout and in most any climate.

Purchase Ideal Footwear. Good quality running shoes only please! “Fashion” running shoes, cross trainers and other types of athletic shoes don’t provide the foot support you will need when preforming some of the higher-impact boot camp style exercises or when running any distances even short, outdoors on extremely hard concrete surfaces. Without the right positioning and cushioning, it’s entirely up to lower limb joints and muscles to attenuate these excessive forces. Without proper footwear, shin splints, heel pain, knee pains can be an expected result. A well-fit, cushioned running shoe that is selected to match your foot mechanics is the best shoe for boot camps. The trick is to find a qualified running shoe fitter to teach you about your foot mechanics and recommend the appropriate shoe. We work with Athletic Soles in Petaluma. They are well versed in running shoes and you also get 10% off when you mention Novato Adventure Boot Camp.

What to Bring

A stretch mat. The thicker the better, to protect your body from hard or rough surfaces that you may be working out on. Water. You will get thirsty and water is the best choice for hydrating during class.we recommend you skip sugary or artificially sweetened sports drinks, call me crazy, but I think it’s better to eat your calories not drink them. If you feel that you are really exerting yourself you want to try an electrolyte enhanced water that doesn’t contain those ingredients.

5-8 Pound Dumbbells depending on your fitness level. We recommend starting off light and adding weight slowly as you become more comfortable with your ability and have gained some added strength. Many of my clients routinely carry two sets to class. This is a good idea, as most find that some exercises are more challenging with a lighter weights while other exercises you may find require more weight to achieve the resistance your looking for to feel challenged.

Towel for drying off. Yes, you will sweat. So it’s always nice to have a clean dry towel to wipe your brow rather than using the sleeve of your sweatshirt – But that works too!

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