If you’ve been thinking that there isn’t a San Rafael personal training that can deliver the results they advertise, then come visit our facility and we’ll show you why you are wrong!

What was the point in wasting your money on some other San Rafael personal training program and spending hours torturing yourself on some boring piece of exercise equipment? After all that work and not seeing any noticeable results, it was pretty pointless.  You could have participated in an enjoyable and exciting workout routine that guaranteed results.  No doubt you heard those same guarantees when you signed up with some other personal training San Rafael program in the past but let’s face facts.  The only thing that other program delivered was empty promises and temporary results!

Our San Rafael personal training programs can be tailored to target the specific fitness and weight loss needs of any woman who wants to lose weight and get back into shape.  We know that you may have experienced some noticeable results with that other personal training San Rafael program.  However, we also know that if those results were permanent, you wouldn’t be here reading this ad.  It’s time for you to invest in yourself again, unless you just don’t value your fitness and health.

Break the vicious cycle and start improving your quality of life!

The problem with the majority of those other San Rafael personal training programs is that they don’t teach you how to get off that rollercoaster ride of losing weight and gaining it all back over and over again.  The sad fact is that the person you thought was a personal trainer wasn’t even certified and didn’t know the first thing about personal training.  They were just some average Joe that was hired off the street to sell personal training San Rafael memberships and earn a commission check in the process.

So we are well aware why that other San Rafael personal training program didn’t work.  The truth of the matter is that the so-called personal trainer you had failed you – you didn’t fail the program.  Here’s why:

  • They didn’t hold you accountable so you didn’t miss your workout sessions
  • They didn’t keep you motivated and push you to succeed
  • They didn’t deliver anything more than minor temporary results
  • They didn’t teach you how to keep the weight off once you had lost it

The only way that you can fail is if you give up and quit!

But your personal trainer is not going to let that happen because the exercise routine they prescribe is enjoyable and exciting.  You’ll be amazed at how simple these exercises are to perform and how quickly you start seeing noticeable results.  Additionally, you may not be familiar with most of these exercises.  But the bottom line is that it will only take 3 intense workouts per week so you can still have a life outside the gym.

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