It used to be that San Rafael boot camp programs were all alike and none of them really delivered the results they promised. Those days are gone because ours delivers results instead of those empty promises you’ve been used to in the past!

If you’re sick and tired of working out at one of those other San Rafael bootcamps without ever seeing any noticeable results, we’ve got a program for you.  Our fitness and weight loss programs can tailored to meet the individual needs of any woman who is finally tired of being overweight and out of shape.  In addition to that, you will be assigned to a personal trainer who is committed to your success and not just their paychecks like what you experienced at that other San Rafael bootcamp.

We feel your pain.  In fact many of our personal trainers were once in your shoes.  They signed up for a boot camp San Rafael fitness and weight loss program and got stuck with some clipboard carrying flunky that wasn’t even a certified personal trainer.  He was just some John Doe that the other San Rafael boot camp hired to sell memberships and not effectively train their members.  And you got sucked in thinking that they could really help you achieve your personal fitness and weight loss goals.

All you saw were empty promises and not results!

We hear these horror stories from women everyday when they sign up for our San Rafael boot camp programs.  How could you ever succeed and achieve your fitness and weight loss goals when all that so-called personal trainer did was take your money, park you on some boring piece of exercise equipment, and then leave you unsupervised while they wandered off to sell more memberships and fatten their wallets? And yet when you got discouraged and quit, you were labeled the failure.

The harsh reality is that the other San Rafael bootcamp program and personal trainer failed you.  Granted, you may have seen some temporary results and probably thought that the other program was really working.  However, the biggest reason that your attempts to lose weight and get back into shape didn’t work was because that wannabe personal trainer didn’t have a clue when it came to prescribing the proper combination of diet and exercise for you.  They didn’t teach you how to maintain your new healthier lifestyle and keep the weight off.

You can’t fail unless you quit!

That is really the only way you can fail with one of our San Rafael boot camp programs and your personal trainer is not going to let that happen at all costs.  They’ll keep you motivated with an exercise routine that is enjoyable and exciting.  They’ll hold you accountable so that you never miss one of your workouts.  They’ll get you fit and healthy again.  Most importantly, they will teach you how to keep that weight off permanently once you have achieved your fitness and weight loss goals.

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