All Novato weight loss programs are alike and don’t work!
If you really believe that then you might as well stop reading this page and not learn why this isn’t true!

This is the problem with the mindset of most women today, especially when they have signed up for some other Novato weight loss program that only delivered empty promises instead of results.  We hear the horror stories all the time from new members who had bad past experiences with some other weight loss Novato program.  They were assigned to a so-called personal trainer who was nothing more than a clipboard carrying wannabe who wasn’t even certified to perform the job.  All they cared about was a paycheck, not your fitness and weight loss goals.

Once they had your hard-earned money, they probably parked you on some exercise machine or treadmill and left you unattended or unsupervised while you tortured yourself for hours at a time, never seeing any noticeable results.  Rest assured that this is not going to happen when you sign up for one of our Novato weight loss programs.  You’re going to melt off the body fat, shed unwanted pounds, tone up those problem body areas, and build a beautiful body in the process.  And it will only take 3 intense workouts per week to achieve your goals.

Let us show you how to improve your quality of life and gain better self esteem!

It’s not rocket science and any woman can do this.  It’s a matter of dedication, desire, and determination on your behalf.  You bring those three elements and your personal trainer will help you stay accountable and motivated so that you achieve those fitness and weight loss goals in the process.  Our Novato weight loss programs can be customized to the specific needs that women have where losing weight and getting back into shape is concerned.

In addition to losing the weight, your personal trainer will know the right combination of diet and exercise so that once you lose that weight, you’ll keep it off permanently.  And that is why the other weight loss Novato programs always fail.  You only realize temporary results, but sooner or later, you wind up gaining all that weight back – maybe even more.  It’s what we refer to as the losing weight/gaining weight rollercoaster ride.

You can break that vicious cycle by investing in your fitness and health RIGHT NOW!

Look we know that many women today have a lot of responsibilities compared to years gone by.  The average woman today has a career and family obligations that women in the past didn’t have.  Some are single mothers who have that everyday stress of performing their jobs and taking care of their children.  So we developed our programs just for them and all you need to do is make time for three intense workouts every week to start noticing positive results.  So what are you waiting for?

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