Are you tired of being overweight and sick of the way you look? Then STOP PROCRASTINATING and do something about it by signing up for a Novato personal training program that works!

Most women today are not happy with their bodies and yet they don’t do anything to improve their looks by getting back into shape.  Either they tell you that they are too busy because of career and family obligations or they make some other excuse not to sign up for a Novato personal training program.  Other personal training Novato programs aren’t committed to a woman’s fitness and weight loss goals.  They just think that the programs they use work for a man or a woman and just teach a one-size-fits-all type of program.

The harsh reality is that men and women are different and so are their fitness and health needs.  That’s why we developed a Novato personal training program that is geared to the needs of women who value their health and want to get back into shape.  Not only that, but we can actually tailor a program that targets your individual needs as well as prescribe the proper combination of diet and exercise that will help you achieve those goals.  Best of all, your personal trainer will teach you how to keep the weight off permanently.


One of the things we definitely know is that American men and women can come up with all kinds of excuses for not joining our Novato personal training facility.  And we will tell you why those excuses are invalid.  Which one of the following have you used?

I can’t afford to sign up for a personal training Novato program – FALSE!  The truth is you can’t afford not to when you are overweight and out of shape.

My family members and friends always tell me that personal training programs are don’t work and are just scams – FALSE!  Granted, some of this may be true, but our Novato personal training programs deliver results, not empty promises like those other programs out there.

I’ve inherited “fat genes” from my parents, so I will always be overweight and can’t do anything about it – FALSE!  Even if you have, it’s only a matter of using the proper mix of diet and exercise in order to do something positive about your fitness and health.

Other personal trainers and fitness center members discouraged me with their attitudes towards me, so I quit – FALSE!  Well this was probably the case with that other personal training Novato facility, but it is definitely FALSE about ours.  You’ll quickly discover that you will be working out with women just like you.

I don’t have the time to join a Novato personal training program – FALSE!  Unlike those other programs that demand all of your free time away from career and family, all it takes is 3 intense workouts per week to start seeing noticeable results with our programs.  You can still have a life outside of the gym.

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