Stop making excuses and saying that you can’t afford a Novato personal trainer!
If you’re overweight and want to get back into shape, you can’t afford not to work out with a personal trainer!

You’re probably thinking that there isn’t a Novato personal trainer who can help you (or other women) lose those unwanted pounds and help you get back into shape again.  We’re sure that’s based on unpleasant past experiences that you encountered with some other personal trainer Novato fitness and weight loss program you had signed up for.  We know why you didn’t achieve your goals and it wasn’t because you failed.  Granted, you probably got discouraged, gave up, and quit.  But we know why.  See if this scenario sounds familiar.

You signed up for some other Novato personal trainer program because they convinced you that they had the best fitness and weight loss program out there and they guaranteed that you would see results.  They took your money and enrolled you in the program.  Then that so-called personal trainer parked you on an exercise machine or treadmill and left you alone to work out unattended and unsupervised!  The harsh reality of this scenario is that the person who took your money was only some clipboard toting flunky that the fitness center hired to sell memberships – not train their members the right way.

You didn’t fail – that other fitness and weight loss center failed!

We know why this happened.  Besides the fact that the person wasn’t really a certified trainer, they were only committed to their paycheck, not your fitness and weight loss goals.  When you work out with a Novato personal trainer here at our facility, you’re going to benefit several different ways such as:

  • staying accountable and not missing your workout sessions
  • being motivated with an enjoyable and exciting exercise routine
  • getting fit and healthy again
  • having a beautiful body like you’ve always wanted

You’ll be working out with a personal trainer Novato expert who can quickly assess your individual needs and can customize a program that is going to work for you.  When we developed our fitness and weight loss programs for women, we didn’t take that one-size-fits-all approach that those other Novato personal trainer programs always do.  Women are different from men and their fitness and health needs are far different as well.  And that is what separates our programs from all the others.

You can improve your quality of life and have better self esteem but it takes dedication, desire, and determination!

Those are the three elements you need to bring with you.  Your personal trainer Novato is committed to your success and they are going to do everything in their power to see that you succeed.  They know that if you fail, they have failed as well.  They are committed to you – not their paychecks – unlike that other so-called Novato personal trainer.  Get started TODAY!

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