Novato Adventure Boot Camp gets a new look!!!

Novato, CA – As boot camps continue to change bodies and lives in Novato , the Adventure Boot Camp system now offers a brand-new look and brand-new workouts for anyone who enjoys a fitness challenge.
The world’s largest and most recognized boot camp system, Adventure Boot Camps can be found locally at Novato Adventure Boot Camp.  Boot camp classes are well-known for their ability to blast calories, challenge the body and mind, and help people meet their fitness goals, whether it’s losing weight, building muscle or increasing workout intensity.
“As an Adventure Boot Camp instructor, I know first-hand the power of boot camps to transform people’s bodies and lives, so I’m thrilled that program has expanded to provide more amazing workouts than ever for local boot camp lovers,” said Carlos Payte, Owner.

In addition to its new look and updated branding, the recently updated website also offers information on the Adventure Boot Camp classes, camper success stories, program history and much more.

“From push-ups to step-ups and from jumping jacks to abdominal refining movements, the Adventure Boot Camps are known for their versatility, creativity and ability to burn a ton of calories in a short time. They can be both fun and challenging for participants,” said Carlos Payte, owner and head coach of Novato Adventure Boot Camp. “We look forward to inspiring more current and new fitness fans from Marin County with the latest in boot camp exercises and options through the Adventure Boot Camp program.”

Individuals looking for boot camp classes and workouts can go to