Is Stress Making Your Belly Bulge?

In todays society we are becoming more and more stressed out.  Our bosses are driving us crazy with deadlines, our retirement accounts have been cut in half, our homes have lost value, the kids have to go here and there…..on and on.  With consistent stress in our lives we are making our bodies pay the price.

You see, when we are under stress our bodies trigger the fight or flight response.  One of the hormones that are released is cortisol. Too much cortisol in our system will cause our metabolism to shut down to a very minimal level.  In addition, food cravings are also increased when your stress it too high.  When you are stressed out do you go for a nice green salad or do you go for the nice cold pint of ice cream that you have in the freezer….I bet the latter.  It has also been found that too much stress will change the way you store body fat.  Many people will store it in their stomachs causing the dreaded “muffin top”.

So what can you do to decrease your stress levels?  The first is regular exercise.  Exercise releases the good hormones in our bodies that help release fat not gain it.  I lead fitness boot camps 5 days per week at three different times so stress management will be almost guaranteed.    The second would be to spend 10 minutes by yourself and just practice some deep breathing.  Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale gently through your mouth.  Finally you could watch this video:

I hope these ideas will help you get out of your stressed out lifestyle.  Be healthy and live life to its fullest.  It is the only one we will have!

In Good Health,