Are you having trouble getting your exercise?

One of the biggest reasons that people give me for not exercising is TIME. First of all, my take on this is that it is a pathetic excuse! I know that if I looked at everybody’s schedule, I am sure that I can find 15-45 minutes of every day that some sort of exercise can be done. So for those who think they have no time, stop with the excuses and move forward with your health. You will feel better, look better, have more energy and be proud that you have accomplished your fitness goals.

So what can you do that is fast, efficient, and worth the extra time in your day that you could have spent doing something else?

1. Do 10 push ups every hour. In one day you can add over 100 push ups into your day.

2. Do a light jog to each location you are going to during the day. You could easily jog a 1/4 mile in a day by doing this.

3. Before you hit the sack, do 100 squats. It should only take you a 5 minutes to knock this one out.

4. Do calf raises (tippy toes) while you are on the phone.

5. While you are watching tv, grab a chair and do as many dips as you can during commercials. Repeat for each commercial segment.

So there you go…that is how easy it is. Keep me in mind in your daily rituals and have fun with it!